Latécoère sets up in Bulgaria

Usine Bulgarie Latécoère
The future plant in Plovdiv will stretch to 5,000 m2
Construction de l'usine Latécoère en Bulgarie
Latchezar Borissov, Vice-Minister of the Economy of Bulgaria, laying the first stone.
Construction de l'usine Latécoère en Bulgarie
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Latécoère continues its transformation with a new plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Dedicated to small assembly work for its Aerostructures division, this new site will reinforce Latécoère’s ties with Airbus programs. The plant is set to open in March 2018.

A new Latécoère plant in 2018…

Shortly after launching the construction of its 4.0 factory in Toulouse Montredon, Latécoère laid the first foundation of its new production site on 27th September, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

This event was attended by Latchezar Borissov, Vice-Minister of Economy of Bulgaria, Éric Lebédel, Ambassador of France, Stéphane Delahaye, President of CCI France-Bulgaria, Damien Lamy, Regional Director Offset and Compensations of Airbus and Thierry Mootz, COO of Latécoère.

Thierry Mootz et Vessella Todorova-Mosettig - Usine Latécoère Bulgarie

 Thierry Mootz, COO Latécoère, has the floor. Next to him is Mrs Vessella Todorova-Mosettig, Director of CCI France-Bulgaria.

…To optimize the Aerostructures division…

With a production floor of nearly 5,000 square meters, this new plant will be dedicated to small assembly work for the Aerostructures division and will benefit from around €15 million in investment over 3 years. In the first year, based on production forecasts for the Airbus programs, about 200 employees will be trained thanks to an ambitious plan.

“In line with our commitments, we are forging ahead with our 2020 strategy. To obtain the best possible positioning with regard to future programs, the Aerostructures division is optimizing its industrial facilities and strengthening its ties with the world’s leading manufacturers, including Airbus.” Yannick Assouad, Chief Executive Officer, Latécoère

“Airbus is eager to build on its long-standing ties with Bulgaria, which is why we are delighted to be working alongside Latécoère,” said Serge Durand Vice-President Airbus. “We wish this new Latécoère entity every success and are confident in the company’s ability to respond to Airbus needs and priorities.”

Usine Latécoère Plovdiv, Bulgarie

Latécoère plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, specialized in Aerostructures

…and support the growth of the aerospace industry in Bulgaria

“Latécoère’s Plovdiv plant is a symbol for Franco-Bulgarian economic relations. Launched in Latécoère’s centenary year, this plant marks the first step in the ramp-up of the aerospace industry in Bulgaria, which has set its sights on becoming a world-class aeronautical equipment manufacturing hub. A showcase for French technology around the world, Latécoère’s leading expertise and powerful capacity for job creation make it an important partner for Bulgaria.” said Vessela Todorova-Mosettig, Director of the Franco-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

Première pierre pour l'usine Latécoère en Bulgarie

Vessella Todorova-Mosettig, Director of CCI France-Bulgaria – Petar Petrov, Vice-Governor of the Plovdiv region – Sofia Kassidova, Adviser to the Vice-Prime-Minister – Latchezar Borissov, Vice-Minister of Economy – Stéphane Delahaye, President of CCI France-Bulgaria – Ivan Totev, Mayor of Plovdiv – Thierry Mootz, COO Latécoère – Eric Lebédel, Ambassador of France in Bulgaria – Damien Lamy, Regional Director, Offset and Compensations of Airbus – Stamen Yanev, Director of the National Investment Agency.

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