Dear all, dear associates,

I know that all of you are fully committed on a daily basis to fulfilling our purpose: “Serving aerospace with innovative solutions for a sustainable world”. This purpose cannot be disconnected from an ethical business practice, which is itself part of the integrity expected from and by all Latecoere stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers and other service providers. Hence, the Group commits to and must maintain a zero tolerance towards any form of corruption. To this end, the present Code and other policies and procedures in place (Ethics Charter and Stock Market Ethics Charter) must be known and applied by all on a daily basis, in addition to the already existing controls. I know that I can rely on your own commitment, as “it is through the action of each and every one of us that our journey will be effective and long-term”. Corruption has no tolerance and beyond the risks incurred, the reputation of our Group and the Latecoere name are at stake.



The fundamental values of the Group and therefore of our officers and employees, are presented in our Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Policy.

The Code of Ethics sets out our values, notably in terms of protection of our employees, assets, clients and shareholders, and promotes a responsible attitude regarding the environment.

Through our Anti-corruption Policy, Latecoere Group commits to integrity. The principles contained in this Policy apply to all our operations and each employee, regardless of their function or hierarchical position or working country.

The Code and Policy are officially deployed by sharing their content with our employees and publication online, supported by training sessions and a whistle-blowing procedure. They are also shared with our suppliers and service providers.

The Ethics Charter and Code of Conduct are available for download via the links below:


Code of conduct of Latecoere

Ethics charter of Latecoere


For any questions related to these charters, an e-mail contact is available: 

To report any situation or behavior that violates these ethical principales, whether you are an employee, supplier or service provider of the Latecoere Group, a professional alert system is available: click here to access the platform.

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