As the aeronautics industry becomes increasingly competitive, ethical standards are becoming more and more restrictive. This is the context in which our Group is striving to conquer new markets, including in the United States of America and Asia, while complying with these new national and international rules.
Our reputation and competitiveness therefore depend upon our ability to adapt constantly. The recent French “anti-corruption” law offers a good opportunity to provide us with additional means to fight efficiently against the devastating effects of corruption, and to highlight our good practices and high level of ethics. This is why I have chosen to have all of the Group’s employees trained or informed about best practices during this year.
I am convinced that constant caution at all levels will protect our Group permanently and help us to address our major challenges: growth, economical performance, and innovation.

Thierry Mootz


The fundamental values of the Group and therefore of our officers and employees, are presented in our Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Policy.

The Code of Ethics sets out our values, notably in terms of protection of our employees, assets, clients and shareholders, and promotes a responsible attitude regarding the environment.

Through our Anti-corruption Policy, Latecoere Group commits to integrity. The principles contained in this Policy apply to all our operations and each employee, regardless of their function or hierarchical position or working country.

The Code and Policy are officially deployed by sharing their content with our employees and publication online, supported by training sessions and a whistle-blowing procedure. They are also shared with our suppliers and service providers.

The Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Policy are available for download via the links below:


Code of conduct Groupe Latecoere

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy Groupe Latecoere


Our Compliance Officer can be contacted, confidentially, to raise any question or to report any act that might be in breach of the Code and Policy, at the following address:

Group’s General Counsel
135 rue de Périole
BP 25211, 31079 Toulouse Cedex 5, France

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