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Aerostructures Fuselages

Supplier to the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, Latécoère’s Aerostructures branch designs and manufactures fuselage components:  aircraft sections, tail cones, nose cone fairings, etc. It also makes pressure bulkheads at its production plants.

Latécoère is a high-level partner in most of the major development programmes in the aeronautics industry, with the Aerostructures branch working in the commercial and the military aviation sectors.

Boasting excellent design capabilities, optimised industrial organisation, logistics management and integrated customer support, the Group is one of the leading European manufacturers in the sector.

Tronçon T15 de la branche aérostructures de Latécoère.
Airbus A330 - T15 Upper Shell
Carénage avant produit par la branche Aérostructures de Latécoère.
Airbus A350 - Nose fairing
Section arrière produite par la branche aérostructures de Latécoère
Falcon 7X/8X - Rear fuselage section
TOP 5 fuselage Europe

250 bottom sections for the A380

1st pressure bulkhead of Beluga XL

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