Values & Vision

Our purpose

Serve aerospace

with innovative solutions

for a sustainable world.


Our values

Boldness. Demonstrating agility and showing ambition are the hallmark of a pioneer. For 100 years, Latécoère encouraged its teams to take initiatives and to open new paths.

Excellence. Particularly experienced and focused on performance, Latécoère teams focuses on helping customers and finding solutions. This implies a unique level of operational excellence and a real capacity for innovation.

Excellence in health, safety and environment. Thanks to the implementation of a risk prevention culture and management, this implementation benefits all of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners in our activities – all over the world.

Commitment. Being a pioneer also means being aware of one’s responsibilities. It’s to make the promise of raising employees to their best level, to act with transparency and equity. It is also learning how to work with others: knowing how to adapt to the diversity of the environments.