Values & Vision

Our purpose


The purpose of Latecoere is simple: serving aerospace with innovative solutions for a sustainable world. This vocation is closely linked to the determination to create value for customers, because teams naturally share their challenges and ultimately their successes.



Our strategic plan

Several milestones must be achieved to build a desirable future together. The first is the completion of the Ambition 2025 project for the Group’s two divisions, Aerostructures and Interconnection Systems. Established in 2021, this battle plan is guiding the Latecoere teams through to 2025. It sets the course by defining precise objectives in terms of revenue, EBITDA and cash flow. To achieve this goal, it establishes three clear and engaging priorities for everyone in the Group: profitable growth through the conquest of new target and strategically-attractive markets; competitiveness through productivity gains and resource optimisation; targeted use of cash to enhance the value created for every euro invested in the future.

Key facilitators have been identified and actively support the achievement of these objectives: innovation to develop new industrial processes and design new solutions for the aircraft of tomorrow; operational excellence to foster an approach focused on customer satisfaction, results and responsibility; talents to promote diversity, motivation and the expression of potential. Whatever their job, every Group employee is committed to the multiple initiatives of the Ambition 2025 project: a cross-functional and proactive plan that is rolled out at country, site and department levels. It directly echoes the history of the company, which has never stopped evolving and transforming itself over the decades. Lastly, it draws on the core values of the company, which remain unchanged: boldness, excellence and commitment.


Our values

They are the foundation of all our actions.


Boldness. Demonstrating agility and showing ambition are the hallmarks of a pioneer. For 100 years, Latecoere has been encouraging its teams to take initiatives and open new paths.

Excellence. Highly experienced and focused on performance, Latecoere teams concentrate on helping customers and finding solutions. This implies a unique level of operational excellence and a real capacity for innovation.

Excellence in health, safety and environment. The implementation of a risk prevention culture and management system benefits all our employees, customers, suppliers and partners in our activities all over the world.

Commitment. Being a pioneer also means being aware of one’s responsibilities. It is a promise to raise employees to their best level, to act with transparency and fairness. It also means learning to work with others: knowing how to adapt to diverse environments.

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