Global presence

FROM TOULOUSE to an international presence

Latécoère has an integrated international network which draws on centres of excellence in Europe and production sites in best-cost regions. The Group has also developed a number of sites in proximity to its customers, with a view to providing an excellent service.

While its headquarters and innovation capabilities are still in Toulouse, where it also produces the upper fuselage panels for the A330, Latécoère Group has locations in close proximity to its customers worldwide, including sites in Europe, Africa, North and Central America, and Asia. Thanks to these local production plants, the aeronautics equipment manufacturer is able to provide consistently better services to its partners.

See the map below to find out where the Group’s sites are located in the world. Click on a site for more information.

Click on the site of your choice to find out more about our offices and production sites.

Click on the site of your choice to find out more about our production sites.

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