About the Group


With 100 years of experience in the aeronautics industry, Latécoère is a leader in the field of aerostructures and interconnection systems:

  • The world leader in Avionics Racks
  • The European leader in satellite wiring
  • The world’s leading independent manufacturer of aircraft doors
  • Second in the world for electrical harnesses

A major player in the aeronautics industry, the Group stands out for its ability to innovate. Drawing on its unique and world-recognised expertise, Latécoère works across the entire value chain. Design, manufacturing, assembly, installation and MRO: Latécoère aims for excellence and performance across the board.


R&T for engine performance

Porte NexGED du Groupe Latécoère prête pour le Salon du Bourget

Agility has been the cornerstone of Latécoère’s development and growth. The Group is positioned as a competitive player in the aeronautics industry of the future.

Revue de maquette numérique pour l'installation des harnais produits par le Groupe Latécoère.

Latécoère is a member of the “Plant 4.0” discussion group, which aims to support digital transition within the aeronautics industry by sharing good practices and innovative ideas. Working alongside: Airbus Helicopters, Dassault Aviation, Stelia Aerospace, Daher, France’s Defence Procurement Agency (DGA), the French civil aviation authority (DGAC), etc.

A PARTNER OF CHOICE involved in all major programmes

As an international leader in the field, Latécoère Group supports its prestigious customers in developing major aeronautics programmes. The key players in the industry have long placed their trust in the Group: Airbus, ATR Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Thales, Embraer, etc.
Latécoère’s investment in R&T enables it to propose custom-tailored solutions, as well as to handle sharp increases in production.

Committed to quality

At the end of 2016, Latécoère announced that its Design Organisation Approval (DOA) extension had been granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) within the framework of extending the scope of its activities.

The extension applies to minor modifications, major modifications (STC: Supplemental Type Certificate), and aircraft repairs (“large aircraft”). It therefore includes electrical systems, avionics systems, structures, doors and hydromechanical systems.

This Design Organisation Approval is an official recognition of the Group’s technical expertise and know-how in embedded systems integration. In particular, it means that the Latécoère Group can integrate embedded equipment (Cockpit Door Surveillance Systems, Landscape Camera Systems, etc.) and thus provide its customers with all-inclusive solutions.

Réunion de l'équipe qualité du Groupe Latécoère

To ensure quality and meet lead times across the logistics chain, the Group deploys a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certification across all its activities. This promotes continuous improvement at Latécoère and encourages employees to feel involved in the Group’s success.