Our ambition for the future of aviation

Latecoere’s purpose is to serve aerospace with innovative solutions for a sustainable world. As a tier 1 equipment supplier, we support the world’s major aircraft manufacturers along the path to decarbonation. This pioneering spirit has driven Latecoere for more than a century, and today, sustainability and performance guide our research and innovation activities in order to design the aircraft of tomorrow.

Our talents and teams of experts play a key role in this journey to achieve our innovation strategy.



medium-sized company
in Occitanie (France)
in terms of innovation


turnover spent
on R&T / R&D
(in 2021)


first patent family
from 2017 to 2021

Our contribution for next-generation aircraft

Value creation through differentiation

▲ On-board optical networks 

▲ Next-gen racks and cockpit panel infrastructures

▲ Greener and more efficient EWIS infrastructures

▲ Cameras and smart video equipment

▲ Thermoset and thermoplastic composite solutions: automated fibre placement (AFP), stamping

▲ Door differentiators: equipment, kinematics and mechanisms


Industry of the future

▲ Implementation of Smart Factory processes in the context of the France Relance recovery plan

▲ Disruptive automation for routing and harness-forming processes

Innovation pre-industrial and industrial demonstrators

▲ Transformation of assembly and part manufacturing systems

Our innovation partners

We work with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus and Boeing, to deliver decarbonation and performance for aviation.
We partner industrial, technological and research players to develop and mature state-of-the-art technologies that respond to the challenges of the sector.
We rely on institutional cooperation and sustainable programmes, such as Clean Sky 2, to deploy our R&T roadmap according to the global agenda.

All Pioneers Challenge

The pioneering spirit has been Latecoere’s trademark for over a century. All year round, the group encourages teams to be bold and ingenious. The All Pioneers Challenge is an annual internal contest dedicated to innovation and transformation initiatives.
Teams from 15 countries around the world take part with very diverse projects focusing on topics such as industrial optimisation, product innovation and personal development. They pave the way to make Latecoere a stronger company. In our group, progress and innovation are everyone’s business!


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