Innovation News 21 December 2021

Latecoere invests in Caeli Nova and supports the development of a breakthrough technology

Latecoere has invested in breathing specialist Caeli Nova to support the development of its in-flight emergency oxygen system. Caeli Nova’s innovative system will increase passenger safety in flight, reduce costs for airlines and diminish the carbon footprint of aircraft by enabling the most direct routes. It should be certified and installed as early as next year.

Latecoere is participating alongside other investors, including lead investor Ornament Health, in the Series A round of financing of Caeli Nova.

“Through this investment and industrial partnership, Latecoere is proposing to support a breakthrough technology that will simplify and improve flight safety by significantly extending the time during which passengers have access to an emergency breathing assistance system. We are pleased to be able to provide our advice in the current R&D phase as well as in the industrialization one in the future. We are thus realizing our ambition to serve the aerospace industry with innovative solutions for a sustainable world. says Serge Bérenger, Director of Innovation and R&T at Latecoere.

Caeli Nova, co-founded by Swiss venture builder LG Capital in 2017, is a UK and Swiss-based company at the intersection of healthcare and aviation, that now has 40 experts specializing in breathing technology, initially starting with providing a novel emergency oxygen system for passenger aircraft. The company has already received financial support from the UK Government, via Innovate UK.


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