Committed to a sustainable world

True to its purpose of serving aerospace with innovative solutions for a sustainable world, Latécoère leads a sustainability policy, which includes commitments aligned with 11 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

This comprehensive approach reinforces the natural inclination of the Group’s sites to engage, at their own level, in actions that benefit their employees and local communities. It opens up opportunities and allocates resources to strengthen Latécoère’s social responsibility within its ecosystem.

Under the aegis of the Board of Directors, operational governance has been put in place at each level of the Company to ensure the implementation of targeted actions.

The three pillars of our action

The implementation of our sustainability policy is organized around three pillars that contribute to a positive impact on society:

SOCIAL – Be a responsible employer

1. Respect and promote human rights and social dialogue
2. Prioritize Health & Safety
3. Encourage diversity & equality
4. Attract and retain talents
5. Develop employees’ skills

SOCIETAL – Contribute to society and to our communities

1. Connect and help communities
2. Commit to impeccable business ethics
3. Ensure high standards of governance to meet expectations of our key stakeholders

ENVIRONMENTAL – Promote a sustainable production

1. Certify our factories according to the environmental standards set by ISO 14001
2. Participate in mitigating climate change by measuring and better managing our CO2 emissions
3. Develop innovative products which mitigate environmental impact
4. Contribute to biodiversity protection
5. Play a role in the circular economy and limit our environmental impacts

A collective aspiration for progress

The major challenge is decarbonized aviation. The sector is fully mobilized, reflecting the actions carried out by the members of Gifas, our professional federation. Latécoère is part of this movement. Our teams are working on composite structures and on board fiber optic applications with a view to improving aircraft performance and reducing the weight of aircraft. In 2021, we also joined the SpacEarth initiative which brings together the French space industry with the aim of positioning space at the service of life on Earth. Lastly, Latécoère has always been in step with the times, a responsible player that has been able to support society’s changes in each era. As such, we recently committed to supporting the ten principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact concerning respect for human rights, international labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. And we are giving concrete expression to this strong commitment through the “Sustainability” roadmap, which we are implementing.

– Thierry Mootz, Chief Executive Officer


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