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Presentation Aircraft doors

The production of aircraft doors requires extremely high standards of safety and performance, and Latecoere has unparalleled experience in the sector. The Group supports aircraft manufacturers throughout the entire process of development, production, certification and in-service support for their aircraft doors. Latecoere has thus become the world’s leading independent manufacturer of aircraft doors.

As a partner of choice, the Latecoere Aerostructures branch is regularly involved in sub-assembly development and production for aeronautics programmes within the framework of “risk sharing” arrangements.

Airbus A320 neo équipé de portes d'avions Latecoere.
Airbus A320
Boeing 787 équipé de portes d'avions Latecoere.
Boeing 787
Embraer E-Jet équipé de portes d'avions Latecoere.
Embraer E-Jets
N°1 world leading independent manufacturer

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