Latecoere celebrates its 100th birthday at the Paris Air Show!

Yannick Assouad CEO Latecoere
Bernard Chabbert walking the audience through one century of innovations next to P. Gadonneix and Y. Assouad.
Clients fournisseurs actionnaires Latecoere
Customers, suppliers and stakeholders answered the call.
Dédicace Livre Centenaire Latecoere
B. Chabbert signing the book “Latecoere, the centennial” (Privat editions)
Pierre Gadonneix
Pierre Gadonneix, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Latecoere
Yannick Assouad CEO Latecoere
Yannick Assouad, CEO of Latecoere
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On 21st June, Latecoere celebrated its 100th birthday at the Paris Air Show, in the presence of its customers, suppliers, teams and stakeholders. Yannick Assouad used this opportunity to reflect on the company’s debuts and introduce its vision for the future.

Pierre Gadonneix, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Latecoere, opened this unique evening:

“None of you here can deny the exceptional strength of character the Latecoere team […]This loyalty and professionalism directly benefits our company’s customers in the aircraft manufacture and airline industries.”
Pierre Gadonneix

After Bernard Chabbet, writer, journalist and son of an Aeropostale pilot, retraced the history of Latecoere, Yannick Assouad took the floor to present the group’s strategic direction.

She reminded that the company had lead various lives through several conversions since its creation in 1917. But a key element has remained constant for this aeronautics pioneer: the speed of execution. That is what has allowed Latecoere to become a top actor within the industry leaders.

This culture of swift execution is what drives now Latecoere’s priorities: customer satisfaction, growth, innovation, economic performance and people development are at the core of its preoccupations.

“These 100 years are rooted on our 3 values : Boldness, Excellence and Commitment.”
Yannick Assouad

The evening then continued with the unvealing of the table book marking Latecoere’s centennial, edited by Privat, which pays tribute to a century of innovation.

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