Decarbonization News 25 May 2023

“SAF Corporate” partnership with Air France

During the presentation in Toulouse of Air France’s decarbonization strategy, the airline announced the integration of Latecoere into the “Sustainable Aviation Fuel Corporate” program of Air France-KLM. Initiated in 2022, this partnership confirms Latecoere’s commitment to sustainable development.

Air France-KLM’s “Sustainable Aviation Fuel Corporate” program aims to support companies wishing to contribute to the decarbonization of air transport, stimulate the development of the SAF market and reduce the carbon footprint of aviation. Thanks to the SAF Corporate program, corporate customers of the Air France-KLM Group, after having measured the CO2 emissions related to their travel, can determine the annual contribution they wish to make to this program. Air France and KLM invest all contributions in the purchase and use of sustainable aviation fuels. This stimulates demand for SAF and promotes the industrialization of production sectors. By leveraging this corporate program, companies are taking concrete steps to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the transition of aviation.

“Reducing our CO2 emissions sustainably is one of Air France’s priority objectives, sustainable aviation fuels represent a significant lever in our decarbonization trajectory, in the same way as the renewal of our fleet with new generation aircraft emitting 20 to 25% less CO2. We have set ourselves the goal of replacing 10% of fossil kerosene in our aircraft with sustainable aviation fuel by 2030. I am very proud to welcome Latecoere in our “Sustainable Aviation Fuel Corporate” program among the 10 first corporate partners who have signed an SAF contract in France. I would like to thank Latecoere for their contribution to the purchase of sustainable aviation fuels thanks to this partnership in Toulouse, which is also symbolically strong for its link to our aviation industry.” underlines Henri Hourcade, SVP France of Air France.

As a manufacturer of aerostructures and interconnection systems, this partnership is obvious for Latecoere – a matter of consistency for at least 3 reasons. First, as a player in the global aerospace ecosystem, we participate directly in its decarbonization by designing solutions that reduce the weight of aircraft, and therefore their fuel consumption. Secondly, the symbolism is strong: Lignes Aériennes Latécoère, which became Compagnie Générale Aéropostale, finally joined the Air France network. Thirdly, rooted in Toulouse since 1917 and for a long time to come, Latecoere must remain a pioneer. This is exactly what the SAF Corporate program offers.” specifies Thierry Mootz, CEO of Latecoere.

Official signature of the partnership between Air France and Latecoere by Henri Hourcade and Thierry Mootz at the Latecoere headquarters in Toulouse. (Photo credit: Latecoere)


Did you know?

Sustainable aviation fuels are a decisive lever to reduce CO2 emissions from aviation. They are currently made from used cooking oil, waste or agricultural and forestry residues. In the future, sustainable synthetic aviation fuels will also be available, made from hydrogen and captured carbon.


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