Innovation News 17 April 2023

Optical connectivity: Latecoere engaged alongside the French Navy

Our teams engaged alongside the French Navy during phase 2 of ORION, a large-scale exercise led by the French armies and preparing the forces for the most complex situations of modern engagements. A “life-size” laboratory for the tactical and technological innovation process, this exercise notably allowed experimentation with new equipment.

A specialist in on-board interconnection and connectivity systems, Latecoere has been cooperating since 2021 with the CEPN (Center of Expertise for Naval Programs) to evaluate and test a data transmission system by optical wireless link on board ships of the Navy.

After evaluating this solution within its “LILO” Operational Interoperability Laboratory, the CEPN – with the support of the Defense Innovation Agency and the DIRISI (Joint Directorate of Infrastructure Networks and Information Systems) – asked Latecoere to test this optical technology in operational conditions during the ORION 2023 exercise, as part of the deployment of a multinational joint staff aboard the amphibious helicopter carrier Tonnerre.

During the various phases of installation and experimentation at sea, with the support of the Latecoere teams, the armed forces were able to evaluate the performance of this system, its flexibility of implementation for the benefit of the intranet network of the naval air forces as well as its modularity.

Through these large-scale experiments, Latecoere is developing its expertise in on-board connectivity in order to offer innovative solutions to the defence, aeronautics and space markets.


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