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We offer a complete and scalable solution for your airborne video network. Internal and external surveillance of the aircraft is ensured while passengers enjoy an immersive entertainment service. Extra features enable video format adaptation as needed, and the integrated video network provides a complete and qualified surveillance system. Our systems are tailor-made. They are fully modular and customizable to fulfil end customer expectations.

The system relies on a high-speed backbone to support the The system relies on a high-speed backbone to support the integrated processing requirements of the video network. It enables the crew and control centre to monitor all on-board and off-board activities in real time. The system can store and track all the sequences displayed on the monitors. They can be analysed afterwards if an incident occurs on board. Removable storage modules are easily accessible for replacement or playback. They can record up to 30 days of flights.

All our products

  • Cockpit door surveillance system
  • Cabin & cargo lightweight surveillance
  • Directview
  • Landscape UHD & 4K
  • Sideview
  • Tail fin
  • 360° camera
  • 4k UHD modular monitors
  • HD Monitors
  • Smart LiFi Monitor
  • Single ultra wide angle camera (with 3 cameras and processor)
  • Easily identify a person in the cockpit
  • Simultaneous monitoring of the cockpit door
  • Option to install a second camera
  • Display on video monitors set up in front of the pilot

Production sites And global presence

  • Colomiers, France
  • Labège, France
  • Seattle, United States
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