New customer News 16 October 2023

Deutsche Aircraft Selects Latecoere as Strategic Supplier of Doors for the D328eco™

Deutsche Aircraft and Latecoere announce today the appointment of Latecoere as strategic supplier for all doors of the regional 40-seater Turboprop D328eco aircraft, a platform that is accelerating the aviation industry’s transition towards lower emissions.

Through this build-to-print contract, Latecoere will manufacture all six doors of Deutsche Aircraft’s regional 40-seater turboprop D328eco aircraft for the duration of the program: passenger door, service door, cargo door, emergency doors (2), hatch door. The group will leverage its industrial footprint in Europe to supply Deutsche Aircraft’s serial production facility in Leipzig (Germany). Prior to manufacturing, Latecoere’s engineering office in Toulouse (France) will support the 2D-to-3D design phase. First doors will be delivered to Deutsche Aircraft by mid-2025.

Greg Huttner, CEO of Latecoere: “Deutsche Aircraft and Latecoere share the same ambition for sustainable aviation. Building on a strong heritage and next-gen innovations, the D328eco will meet its challenges and as a tier 1 partner we are extremely proud to contribute to its journey with our leading door expertise and capabilities.

Maximilian Fahr, Vice President Supply Chain at Deutsche Aircraft: “Doors are intricate and essential components of the aircraft construction, Latecoere’s track record and outstanding position on the door market are major assets for our D328eco programme. With this contract we are one step closer to finishing a fully robust supply chain that satisfies our operational efficiency criteria and supports our long-term sustainable strategy with the inclusion of Latecoere to our industrial partner portfolio.

About Deutsche Aircraft

Deutsche Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer built on the heritage of aviation pioneers that continues to propel the aviation industry forward with innovative solutions. Supported by a highly skilled and passionate team of international engineers and aviation experts, Deutsche Aircraft is developing the most advanced regional aircraft on the market: the D328eco. As type certificate holder and service partner for existing D328 (both prop and jet) operators worldwide, the company is uniquely positioned to complement the existing fleet with this next-generation aircraft.

Deutsche Aircraft employs the latest technologies and best practices to ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability for the D328eco. As a strategic partner for the sustainable development of regional air transport, Deutsche Aircraft is working with key players in the industry to achieve climate-neutral flights.

Photo credit: Deutsche Aircraft


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