Avcorp Industries Inc. (Delta, BC, Canada) was acquired by Latecoere in November 2022 and has since been renamed Latecoere Aerostructures Canada.


Working with Latecoere Aerostructures Canada

As a key North American supplier of aerostructures for more than 65 years, our success is not possible without strong relationships with suppliers that are able to work with us to create value for our customers.

We believe successful business relationships depend on mutual values and respect. We expect our suppliers to stand behind their commitments, to work with us openly and honestly, and to run their operations in a proactive and responsible manner. We expect our suppliers to adhere to the same high standards that our customers expect from us. We are committed to honest dealings, respect for confidentiality, dedication to deadlines, open communication and a willingness to explore new ideas. Our intent is to develop strategic alliances with new suppliers to support total cost management and reduction through mutually beneficial initiatives.


Supplier Documents

P-03-01-02 Supplier Quality Requirements Issue 25

P-05-03-01 Receiving Inspection Checklist Issue 27

P-04-01-04 Purchase Order (PO) Standard Terms and Conditions Issue 7


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