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PRODUCTS EWIS harnesses & Space applications

Latécoère designs and manufactures products tailored to customer requirements in the areas of wiring systems for space applications, ruggedised harnesses, and electrical harnesses (EWIS), designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

All our products

  • Harnesses for aerospace applications
    Assemblage de Harnais EWIS de Latécoère.
    • Telecom satellite (SM &CM harnesses - fuse boxes - plugs)
    • Science and instrument (payload harnesses)
    • Military satellite & mini satellite (Myriade family, Antenna harnesses)
    • Constellation (SM & PL harnesses)
    • Launchers, ISS & exploration modules (avionic bay harnesses equipment, exploration modules harnesses)
  • Aeronautical harnesses
    Assemblage de Harnais EWIS de Latécoère.
    • A320 20VU, flap, doors harnesses
    • A330 wings
    • A350 tail cone, vertical tail plane, wings
    • A380 Fal installed harnesses, doors harnesses
    • A400M fuselage optional harnesses, vertical tail plane
    • CRJ-ERJ doors harnesses
    • F2000 radio navigation
    • F900 radio navigation
    • F7X-F8X whole aircraft
    • F5X flight by wire
  • Other harnesses
    Assemblage de Harnais EWIS de Latécoère.
    • Harsh environment: engines (ETRAS A380, SAM 146)
    • Landing harnesses (E550)
    • Cabin environment: monument harnesses (A320 Space Flex, A350 lavatories)
    • IFE harnesses
    • VIP cabin harnesses (Lineage 1000, ARJ21)
    • Drone harnesses (UMS R350)

Production sites And global presence

  • Labège, France
  • Le Crès, France
  • Liposthey, France
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Had Soualem (Casablanca), Morocco
  • Tunis Charguia, Tunisia
  • Hermosillo, Mexico
  • Jacareí (Sao Paulo), Brazil
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