Latécoère / Subsidiary in Mexico

Latécoère MEXICO Aerostructures and Interconnection Systems

With both activities located at the same production site, the Latécoère Mexico subsidiary is emblematic of the Group’s drive to create synergy between the Aerostructures branch and the Interconnection systems branch.

Fuselages, aircraft doors and electrical systems: Latécoère’s subsidiary in Mexico takes pride in meeting deadlines and quality requirements, as well as providing a cutting-edge and efficient MRO service.

CUSTOMERS Latécoère Mexico

Many highly prestigious partners place their trust in Latécoère Mexico: Airbus (A320, A330, A350), Boeing, Zodiac Aerospace, Korean Air, Aciturri, etc.

Social commitment

Latécoère Mexico is committed to providing training for its employees. When they first start work with the company, they follow a 3-month training course, with continuous training thereafter.

This method has produced excellent results: in 2017, upon delivery of the 150th harness for the A350, Gilles Morelot, Airbus Electrical Procurements Manager, thanked the teams at Hermosillo for the very high product quality and for delivering on time, describing their work as “fantastic”.