Supersonic News 21 September 2020

Aerion and Latecoere join forces to develop the next generation surround video surveillance system

Aerion has selected Latecoere to develop the video surveillance system for the AS2 supersonic business jet. Manufacturing of the next generation supersonic aircraft will begin in 2023 at Aerion Park, FL.

The video surveillance system developed by Latecoere will utilize advanced high-definition camera technology coupled with integrated artificial intelligence providing Aerion’s AS2 business jet with industry leading capabilities to monitor the aircraft’s surrounding area during parking, taxiing and while away.

Aerion’s pursuit of faster point-to-point travel begins with the launch of the new AS2. Designed to be inherently environmentally responsible from first flight, the AS2 is the first supersonic jet designed to be powered by 100 percent synthetic fuel, reaching supersonic speeds in ultra-luxury.

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Photo credit: Aerion Supersonic


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