Safety News 10 June 2021

1 year without an accident: a united effort for employee safety

On 9 June 2021, the Aerostructures branch of Latecoere completed a full accident-free year*. This is a major achievement for the teams, which work all year round at sites in France, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Brazil and Mexico, on complex industrial activities: automated and manual large assemblies, machining, sheet metal forming, painting, surface treatment, manufacture of composite materials, maintenance and out-located work throughout the world.

Greg Huttner, General Manager of the Aerostructures branch: “I’d like to thank everyone for this tremendous achievement. Our manufacturing working environment is one that can expose our personnel to very real safety risks and the Covid-19 health crisis has been an additional challenge. But thanks to the commitment of our teams, the dedication of our managers, the proactiveness of our Safety Committees, the continuous safety training of our people and the systematic implementation of Managerial Safety Visits, Risk Analysis and other safety tools, we have made this an accident-free year. Safety is never a given, so let’s keep up our efforts to protect each and everyone’s health making Zero Accidents our continuous achievement.”

Phil Swash, CEO of Latecoere: “I would like to address my sincere appreciation to all staff, because it is their daily dedication in the field that has brought about these excellent results. I am proud of their efforts, and it gives me confidence that we have basis to continue our journey in keeping all of our employees safe, all of the time. Whenever we can, we affirm and demonstrate that employee safety is the group’s main priority. Since 2016, the group’s ambitious “safety” policy has been placing people at the heart of all our operations. Between 2015 and 2020, the number of accidents was divided by 16 in this branch and, after last years’ results, “zero accidents” must become our standard, a lasting achievement. Our goal of obtaining ISO45001 certification for all sites by 2023 places us firmly on this trajectory.”

Another notable fact in the field of safety: the Interconnection Systems branch marks half a year without an accident that same day.

Congratulations to all the teams in the group for their commitment!


*Accidents without medical leave


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