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Latécoère provides full support and speedy and efficient MRO for manufacturing and installation of our equipment and systems at all our production plants worldwide.

All our products

  • Cockpit control panels
    Réalisation de panneaux cockpit de Latécoère
    • A320 Cockpit Control Panel
    • A350 Cockpit and Service Control Panel
    • A400M Cockpit Control Panel
    • ATR Cockpit Control Panel
  • Airborne video systems
    Réalisation d'une caméra landscape de Latécoère
    • HD landscape video camera system
    • FDEVSS - Flight deck entry video surveillance system
    • CDSS - Cockpit door surveillance system
    • Direct view camera system
    • Cabin and cargo video monitoring system
    • External and taxi aid camera system
  • Equipments
    Equipements de Latécoère
    • Battery charger limiter
    • Pilot Armament Control Panel

Production sites And global presence

  • Toulouse Périole, France
  • Colomiers, France
  • Labège, France
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