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As the world leader in avionics racks, Latécoère invests in R&T in close collaboration with aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and academic researchers to develop new solutions designed for the new generation of more electric aircraft.

Meubles électriques de Latécoère Tunis
A380 avionic racks
  • 2100-2200VU
  • 2300-2400VU
  • 2900VU
  • 500-600VU
Meubles électriques assemblés à Latécoère Tunis
A400M avionic racks
  • 1000-1100VU
  • 1200VU
  • 1300VU
Meubles électriques assemblés à Latécoère Labège
A330 avionic racks
  • 800VU
  • 915VU
  • 01
  • 02
  • 03

All our products

  • 800VU LR - A330 / 340 LR
  • 800VU WBI - A340WBI /HGW
  • 2300VU - A380-800
  • 2100VU - A380-800
  • 2900VU - A380-800
  • 1000-1100VU and 1200 VU (development) - A400M
  • 1000-1100VU and 1200VU (standard)
  • 1300VU (standard)
Meuble 800VU (Labège, France)
  • Shelves: phenolic carbon
  • Structure: aluminium

Production sites And global presence

  • Labège, France
  • Liposthey, France
  • Had Soualem (Casablanca), Morocco
  • Hermosillo, Mexico
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